How to Choose the Perfect First Office for Your Business

More than just a physical address, your office will basically represent your business to your potential clients and suppliers.  It should create the impression that you want to leave with your guests, but at the same time, you should also enjoy the space where you will conduct your business.

Looking for an office space is also a good indication that means you are confident in your business thus you are making plans to put your services in the map.  When looking for that ideal office space, here’s a number of things to consider:


You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘location is everything’.  This is especially true for food businesses, services and condos like the SMDC Wind Residences.  Starting with a good product comes first but if you want people to know about you, your location should be some place where people can find you.

In choosing the right location, you should also know who your target market is.  Are you at the location where your potential customers are?  Is it accessible for your clients to reach you?  These are the major questions that you should have an answer to in choosing the perfect location for your business.


Hand in hand with location is the size you will need to run your business.  If you are putting up a food service, consider the capacity of clients you expect to serve.  Is there ample space for a private office, are you putting up a complete kitchen, how many staff do you need to work with?

When it comes to a corporate setting, consider how many full time employee you will hire and how much time they need to spend inside your office.  Having the answer to these question will help you decide on how big or small your office will be.  Remember that commercial spaces are usually rented per square meter so you can save by eliminating a few square meters that you might not need.


The location and size you choose will dictate how much you will have to pay for the space.  Expect that commercial areas with good foot traffic may cost more than spaces that are a little secluded.  Again, it will depend on the target market you are trying to reach.

You can probably consider a smaller office in a modest building if the purpose of the space is for admin work alone.  It’s a different story though if you are in the food and service business.

You can also offset the cost of your rent by having a simple and modest interior for starters.  Once you’re earning then you can slowly vamp up your work space. For more savings, shop for your office equipment online at auction sites like Deal Dash, people have really good reviews about


Your office space should be a place where your staff can be functional and productive.  Check if the space comes with telephone lines and internet connection.  Check for abundant supply of water and stable electricity connection.  These are the basic things that will keep your business running.

Lastly, read your terms and conditions carefully.  Learn on how far your responsibility goes in terms of payments for renovation or construction.  Also know what returns and incentives you can get from your landlord.  At the end of the day, your office space should be something that will help boost your business and not drag it down.